Kron Ironhead

Fighter/Warforged Juggernaut


Size: Medium Height: 6’ 8” Weight: 310 lb Skin: Silvery Eyes: Red Hair: None


Like most sentient warforged, Kron served in the Last War. A time that he remembers very little of other than the screams of his many victims that fell prey to the strength and power of his great sword. The Ironhead brigade, as his battalion was known, was said to have been one of the fiercest and most powerful unit of warforged to engage on the battlefield. Their lack of fear in engaging the enemy was renown amongst the Five Nations. Many other armies tried to replicate the same battle skill of the warforged but could not match the artificer’s capabilities of the southern kingdoms. Until that fateful day, when the dragon shard storm rocked the entire region did things change significantly for Kron. For the first time ever, he felt truly alive – but with that life came the overwhelming emotions of mortality and fear that most humans must feel when they take the battlefield – the uncertainty of death around every corner – every random attack… But before Kron could begin to reign in his new found feelings – the world became dark.

He woke up many years later – saved apparently by a young human artificer named Ravilak who claimed to be searching for the answers to that fateful day trying to understand what caused the race of warforged to evolve from mere constructs to sentient beings. Rune Silverhead, who Kron was not aware of at the time, was also ‘stored’ in the same location as him in a dwarven forge somewhere in the city of Stormreach in the northern tip of the continent of Xen’drik far far from where he had battled in Breland across the vast sea. His whole life now re-awakened as an adventurer seeking to find who he is and who he will be is a great mystery to Kron but his battle skills have not diminished. He plans to use those skills to assist his new found friends, Ravilak, Rune, Dagnar the dwarf and the other companions in their new group – but what of a name for his new brigade…? Perhaps that should be the first order of business as their next great campaign is about to begin.

Kron Ironhead

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