Priest of the Silver Flame


Size: Medium Height: 6’ 0” Weight: 185 lb Skin: Light Eyes: Light Brown Hair: Light Brown; Straight; Beardless


Sirlanton travelled to Stormreach as a young man at the urgings of his family and friends to use the gifts bestowed upon him by the Silver Flame to further spread the good word. In Stormreach, Sirlaton was befriended by a young changeling named Cale who knew the city like the back of his hand. Sirlaton became a good standing member of the local church and eventually met two other members – one through Cale – Rokar Beasley who he introduced to the local church hierarchy and Sir Rhomus Lighthammer – a paladin knight of the Flame. The small group eventually added other companions and began their adventures in the city of Stormreach. Sirlaton looks to continually provide spiritual guidance to the group and to those that ask him or that he feels need to hear his guidance. By the will of the Silver Flame, Stormreach will soon be one of the most righteous cities in all of Eberron.


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