Rhomus Lighthammer

Paladin of the Silver Flame


Size: Medium Height: 6’ 2” Weight: 220 lb Skin: Light Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond; Wavy; Beardless


Sir Rhomus Lighthammer is a paladin knight of the Order of the Silver Flame. His family came to Stormreach when he was very young and when his father died on a mission in one of the many ruins in Xen’drik south of the city – Rhomus decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a knight as well. He was one of the top students in his class at the Cathedral and trained under some of the best knights in Stormreach as well as the many other priests of the Order. Through the Order, he met Rokar and Sirlaton – friends that graduated with him at the same time. They also helped get through a rough period when his mother died of a fatal illness shortly after he graduated. Rhomus was away on a mission and was unable to attend to his mother when he returned and learned of her passing. Sirlaton and Rokar helped him through this and they have remained close friends ever since. When he was asked to form an adventuring party with them – he couldn’t resist the need to do some good in the region and he has learned the wisdom of having strength in numbers. He may not always get along with everyone in their group but Rhomus always tries his best to do what is right and to help others as much as he possibly can.

Rhomus Lighthammer

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