Rokar Beasley

Favored Soul of the Silver Flame


Size: Medium Height: 7’ 1” Weight: 280 lb Skin: Pale Eyes: Black Hair: Black; Straight; Beardless


Rokar Beasley never fit in with the rest of his people. The enlightening of the mind to ‘center’ oneself seemed to be a very selfish way to live one’s life. Everything in Kalashtar society revolves around the self gratification of one’s mind and one’s desires. Rokar didn’t like that view on life and began seeking out his own answers. He came across the Order of the Silver Flame as a young man and began realizing that there were powers greater in the universe than one’s own mind could fathom. The Silver Flame called to Rokar to help others and using divine powers bestowed upon after his calling – he was able to channel those energies into ways to heal the weak and wounded of the world. Rokar eventually travelled to Stormreach where he had heard the need for faith was great and came from half a world away. It was there that he met Cale and Sirlaton who befriended him and came to form an adventuring group. Through Sirlaton, Rokar met Sir Rhomus, a paladin knight of the Flame – and the two of them got the kalashtar involved with the local order in the city where he could hone and train further in his divine abilities. Now the companions travel with others who share similar ideals about helping others but perhaps do not carry the same zeal for the faith as Rokar does. He will have to enlighten them all further in the light as he has come to know the Silver Flame.

Rokar Beasley

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