Jillywick Namfoodle Scheppen



Size: Small Height: 3’2” Weight: 40 lb Skin: Light Eyes: Blue Hair: Black


Jillywick was a student of the mystic arts in Breland. She became fast friends with an elven wizard named Lizze Orwig and a roguish character named Isabella Swift. When Isabella left for the continent of Xen’drik a year earlier – Lizze was just itching to join her and venture into the exciting unknown ruins of the undiscovered continent. This turned out to be disastrous as Lizze was kidnapped by an evil mage who meant to sacrifice her to an ancient dracolich named Tsaggest Darkweld. Both the wizard and the dracolich escaped when a stalwart group of adventurers led by the paladin, Rhomus Lighthammer, rescued Lizze from the dark ritual. Jilly agreed to escort Lizze back to Breland and was convinced by Rhomus and his companions to accompany them in their quest to recover an artifact known as the Eye of the Dragon before it falls into the evil dracolich’s hands or worse – his evil mistress the Lich Queen Vol.

Jillywick Namfoodle Scheppen

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