Cale Xilo


Changling Rogue Size: Medium Height: 5’ 4” Weight: 155 lb Skin: Tan Eyes: Green Hair: Light Brown; Wavy; Beardless

Strength 14 Dexterity 20 Constitution 12 Intelligence 12 Wisdom 10 Charisma 16

Total Hit Points: 27 Speed: 30(40) Feet

Armor Class: 19


Cale is a changeling rogue from the land of Breland. He was abandoned as a child on the steps of church of the Silver Flame in a small town north of Sharn. He was often picked on in the orphanage until meeting his good friends from childhood – Rokar Beasley and Sirlanton. The two took pity on the homeless changeling and the three have never been apart for long since then.

When Rokar and Sirlanton were given assignments from the Silver Flame to journey to Stormreach, on the Continent of Xen’drik – Cale was quick to follow. Their short adventures in Stormreach soon caused a rift in the group when other adventureres joined them and Cale was occassionally split from his childhood friends.

Soon, he discovered that a greater evil was threatening all of Eberron back on the mainland. He had to leave Sirlanton behind to join Rokar, and others, as they traveled back to Breland for an epic quest that could change future events on the five main Continents.

Cale Xilo

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