Eyes of the Lich Queen

The Great Shopping District

After wandering the streets of Sharn for most of the day, Cale is anxious to get back to the ship. His shopping expedition has been quite successful and he can’t wait to stow his new gear neatly into his pack. Gnawing at the back of his mind is something important, but he just can’t put his finger on it.

Suddenly he feels a powerful presence in his mind. If memory serves him correctly, he knows this mind. And then a powerful blast shouts at him….GET BACK TO THE SHIP! You have wasted enough time dalying about the city.

Cale stares ahead blankly, taking a moment to steady himself after the uncomfortable feeling of having Syr’kul rooting about in his mind. He then quickly returns to the ship, eager to see his comrades again.

On seeing the teary-eyed Jilly as she and Lizzie say there final goodbyes, a snear crosses his face. He mutters, “Typical…” and pushes past the two and onto the ship toward his good friend Rokar.


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